Ransomware 101

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How does ransomware work?

As its name suggests, ransomware holds your data hostage and promises to release it only once a specified payment has been received – a payment often lost, as successful recovery is almost never a reality in these cases. Your more sophisticated versions of malware include attacks such as Petya variants or WannaCry. They prey on leaked exploits and use modular architecture and strong encryption.

How to protect yourself Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind

  • stay patched

    Stay Patched

    Software vendors regularly release software, application and operating system updates. It is absolutely vital to keep these updated and patched with the latest versions. Where possible, enable automated updates or subscribe to email updates from your software vendors to keep up to date with the latest security threats and updates.

  • monitor your server


    We have bundled real-time ransomware protection into our Cloud Backup software, which monitors any changes by possible ransomware and stops it right in its tracks. A good antivirus system is always recommended to stop the first sight of unwanted files being installed.

  • backup your devices


    Once the groundwork of protecting your device is covered, backing up is the cherry on top. With peace of mind that no matter what happens you have a recent backup of your data, you can rest assured knowing that your data is protected with us!

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We can help!

Act before it's too late! Once data is encrypted, it's near impossible to 'decrypt' – even after paying the ransom amount. Why risk it in the first place?

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