Standard Edition

Ideal for small to large corporates with multiple users who require both remote cloud and on-site backups.

  • Unlimited Devices
  • Multiple Login Support
  • Data Stored in South Africa
  • Upgrade Anytime
  • 24/7 Support & Monitoring
  • Windows Desktop & Server
  • Linux and Mac
  • Microsoft Plugins
  • No Setup Fees
  • Cloud Storage

    1000 gb

    R1 999 /mo

  • Cloud Storage

    500 gb

    R1 199 /mo

  • Most Popular

    Cloud Storage

    200 gb

    R549 /mo

  • Cloud Storage

    100 gb

    R299 /mo

  • Cloud Storage

    50 gb

    R179 /mo

  • Cloud Storage

    20 gb

    R79 /mo

High Storage

Created for Enterprises with high backup storage requirements.

  • ALL Standard Features
  • Reduced Pricing
  • Cloud Only Storage
  • Data Stored in South Africa
  • Fail-Over Cluster Storage
  • 1 FREE Initial Seeding
  • Monthly Pricing
  • No Setup Fees
  • Cloud storage

    2 TB

    R3 599 /mo

  • Cloud storage

    5 TB

    R8 495 /mo

  • Cloud storage

    10 TB

    R15 990 /mo

  • Cloud storage

    20 TB

    R29 985 /mo

  • Cloud storage

    50 TB

    R69 965 /mo

  • Cloud storage

    100 TB

    R129 935 /mo

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts?
No. We believe our service is so great that you will love it from the start. All our services are monthly with a cancellation due any time before the following billing period. We also offer discounts on annual payments. We believe in building a long term relationship with you.
Is it safe to store my data 'in the cloud'?
Your data safety is our number 1 priority. Over and above all the physical security that we have in place, your data is fully encrypted before it even leaves your device! AES256 is the industry standard. You set the key. Lose it, and you cannot recover your data.
How many devices can I backup to one plan?
Our Professional packages allow for Unlimited Devices - that includes Mobiles, Desktops and Server versions of different operating systems! No limits! Unlimited Users can also be created which means that each device owner can access their backups only and restore without contacting the administrator for access.
What is 'on-site' and 'cloud' storage?
We give you the best of both worlds - on-site storage to a local device with replication to 'cloud' storage. This gives you double the data protection and allows for quick restores from a local device.
What exactly should I backup?
We have different levels of backups including Files and Folders only or Entire Machine. You would be the most protected with an Entire Machine level backup as there would be no leaving out certain important folders on the device. This type of backup also allows for our 'Spin Up In The Cloud' service to be used should a disaster arise.
How long does it take to activate my account?
The moment you place your order and settle any outstanding invoices, your account is activated. You could be backing up your data within a minute after completing your order.
What payment methods do you accept?
Invoices are generated the moment you place your order and are pro-rata. You are only billed from the day that you activate your account. We accept Wire Transfer (EFT) and all major Credit Cards.
What if I need more cloud storage?
We can create any size package that you require. You can also upgrade your existing account at any time.