Cloud Backups

Additional Features

  • fast backups

    Speedy Backup

    Create backups faster than you can say “data” with our superior technology and local servers. Multi-stream backups ensure maximum performance and fast results.

  • backup options

    Backup Options

    With a choice of over 20 options to manage and customise your backup runs, you’re always in control. From schedule compression to pre-and post-scripts.

  • browser based monitoring

    Browser Based Monitoring

    Manage your backups using any web browser. Create new backup plans, edit existing ones or get an overview of all devices being backed up.

  • disk and machine level

    Disk Image and Machine-Level

    Disk Image and Machine-Level Backups – combine the best of both worlds by backing up files & disk images. You can even backup an entire machine or the System State. After the initial backups is complete, Incremental Backups kick-in

  • ransomware protection

    Ransomware protection

    All management communication between your system and our cloud runs through secure channels with SSL encryption. At any moment in time, all aspects of your data are secure and untouchable by ransomware.

  • virtual servers

    Virtual Servers (VPS)

    Are you sure your hosting company is backing up your server data? Fancy RAID arrays are no replacement for backups. Remotely backup your virtual private server to our cloud for less worry and easy migration.

On-site hardware options

  • external drive

    External Hard Drive

    Suitable for small amounts of data, easily add a secondary location as a USB dongle or external hard drive. Store it remotely or keep it in your safe for added backup. A dedicated internal hard drive can be used too.

  • nas desktop storage

    NAS Desktop Unit

    Customers with larger data storage requirements can use a range of on-site NAS units to store a secondary backup locally, on-site. Quickly perform backups or restores from your local device while an external copy rests in our cloud.

  • rack mounted storage

    Rack Style

    Ideal for corporates or large companies that have built-in data centers. Install a rack-mountable NAS unit for storing local copies of your data. The local on-site storage unit automatically stays in-sync with your cloud-based backups.

Plugin party Our Professional Plans include all plugins at no extra cost.

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