Should I make use of the Cloud Seeding service?

An initial Seed Backup is used when the data that you need to backup is just too big for conventional internet connections.

If you are not sure whether you need Initial Seeding, you can check the approximate data transfer table:

Internet connection speed 100 MB 1 GB 10 GB
500 kbps 36 min 336 min 3330 min
1 Mbps 20 min 170 min 1670 min
5 Mbps 6 min 36 min 336 min
10 Mbps 5 min 20 min 170 min

To check your internet connection speed, visit and use the guide above to estimate your upload time.

By using our Cloud Backup Seeding service, you can easily create your initial backup to a portable drive and courier it to us. We upload your data to our cloud and your backups will incrementally run thereafter, saving you bandwidth and possibly days of waiting for an upload to complete.

Incremental backups are incredibly efficient and only take a few minutes to complete hereafter.

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