Install Cloud Backup on Microsoft Windows

Firstly order your Cloud Backup via our web site or portal. A copy of these instructions will be emailed to you.

1: The client is easily installed by accessing your DK Portal at with the login credentials that you registered with (email and password)
2: Login and locate Services >> My Services >> Manage Product >> This is your overview of all backups
Select Manage Backups to login to your Backup Manager. Upon initial login, accept the general End-User License Agreement.
3: The application can now be downloaded and installed on your device. A direct copy can also be downloaded here.
4: Login details are required, which can be used for ALL devices that you will manage. **Note:** a Reseller Cloud 5: Backup account would allow you to create an entire Backup Manager for that specific customer or, you could have them backup to your account and easily manage everything.

Username: as emailed to you
Password: as emailed to you

6: Once installed, simply click the ‘Backup Monitor’ within your task bar and select the drop down and apply “default backup plan”.

Should the initial applying of your default backup plan fail, please allow up to 5 minutes and try again. This delay is simply your device registering with our Cloud Backup servers.

That’s it. Daily Backups are now running with the following default Disaster Recovery plan:

Monday to Friday at 11:00 PM
Retention Policy:
Monthly: 6 months
Weekly: 4 weeks
Daily: 7 days

Allow the backup to run and complete. Further details on customizing your backup plan along with our assistance can be discussed once the trial is over or we have upgraded you to a production account.

Encryption & Custom Backup Plans:

We recommend a custom backup plan to suit your exact Disaster Recovery plan. This includes encryption and different data retention policies. This is entirely managed via your Manage Backups area or by selecting “custom backup plan” upon initial deployment.

Managing Backups:

Any action related to your backups including an overview of all devices, restores and custom backup plans can be viewed via your Backup Console as accessed via Portal >> Services >> My Services >> Manage Product.

We provide extensive support and training on our Cloud Backup product should you require any assistance.

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